Jan 25, 2012

Star Trails (+ elderly alien)

I posted this one a little early. (not that I'm on a schedule, but I've been trying to post one a day). Anyway, I wanted to try the BULB feature since I've never used it before. There were a ton bright stars at a little higher angle, but I wanted to get some of the treeline in so it's not so plain. I also captured what I'm guessing is a satellite (the orange streak on the left) I'm not sure what the little dots in the streak are (click on the photo for larger size). Maybe a light that comes on occasionally (or it could be a UFO that left it's turn signal on). Let me know what you think.

This was shot at ISO 100, f/22, for about 40 minutes. I probably could have had some more stars show up at a higher ISO, but I was trying to minimize the noise. It was really just a practice shot anyway, but I thought me possibly proving we have elderly aliens visiting us was cool so I'm posting it.


  1. Could it be the Google Earth camera taking regular images? Great photo, anyway! :-)

    1. I don't know. I wish someone could tell me for sure. And thanks! :)

  2. Great result,
    I must try long exposures too....
    Best regards,