Feb 21, 2012

Big Tree (cell phone shot)

I don't know why, but I think this is my favorite photo I've taken. I guess it's because it was one of the first I've ever taken that was supposed to have some kind of artistic value to it. Until then, pretty much every photo I had ever taken was with a cell phone because I saw something funny I wanted to send to a friend. Ironically, this was also taken with a cell phone; my old 5MP HTC Hero. What's even more amazing (to me anyway) is that I processed it in Photoshop when I barely knew what I was doing.  I think it was the very first time I used Radial Blur, and it's probably my best Radial Blur I've done. Anyway, I know I am biased towards this photo, and there's probably a 100 things wrong with it, but that's ok. I still like it. This will also be one of the photos I use in a Before and After Monday sometime down the road.


  1. This is so beautiful!
    Love it and I can see why it's your favorite photo!
    Have a great day.
    Greetings Mette

  2. With a cell phone?! Very cool! It's excellent!

  3. Also one of my favorite, not only yours. I can't believe that it was taken with a cell phone. It has a great image, don't loos it :)

  4. Thats proof enough: camera does not matter! :-) lovely shot!

  5. It's a wonderful image.. you have every reason to be proud.
    And I agree.. camera doesn't matter!

  6. I love this! The light takes it from beautiful to stunning.