Feb 10, 2012

Coming Soon- "Before and After Monday"

As my title suggests, and my About Me page states, I am a very amateur photographer. I have only been doing this for about 5 months. I have learned a lot since then, but I still have a long way to go, so I rely heavily on Photoshop to help me get closer to the way I wanted a photo to look when I first took it. I am always curious what professional photographers' images look like before they are processed, especially their HDRs. I figured that some of you might be curious also, so I've decided to start a Before and After Monday. I will be posting the before and after shots of images that I have previously posted here. Some HDR, some not. For HDR I will post all the images I combined in Photomatix. Hope you all find it interesting. Check it out this Monday.

I also want to take a second to thank everyone who visits my blog. I have gotten a much better response than I had anticipated. I literally smile every time I receive an email saying someone has left a comment on one of my photos. Many of you have photography blogs, and I check them out often. I am terrible at thinking of something to comment on no matter how much I like the photo, so I rarely do it. Many of your photos are amazing, and I often say to myself "I want to be able to take photos like that one day" so it keeps me inspired.

Thank you again,


  1. I look forward to your Monday posts, sounds interesting.. great idea!

  2. Me too I like your idea :)

  3. I'll be here on Mondays to take a look
    but I think you are pretty good with the buttons