Mar 29, 2012

Greensboro Parks (HDR)

These were taken at the Bicentennial Park and the Greensboro Historical Museum. I was going to take some more of a cool graveyard behind the museum, but I got caught.


  1. Lovely walk,
    Like in a dream...
    Best regards from France,


  2. Now that looks like a wonderful place to take a stroll! As always...beautiful pictures. What is it with some cemetaries. People can't walk in them? Your the second person that I have heard mention this.

    1. By law, you CAN walk in active cemeteries. If a cemetery has been deemed "historical" or "protected" for some reason - usually because it's inactive - you may not be able to enter it, as people have been known to steal "cool" looking gravestones, or deface them. Most townships/cities do not allow people after dark, or taking pictures in them though. Getting booted from anywhere sucks - I got kicked out of the University of Michigan Medical Center for taking long exposures at night because as it violated HIPAA, even though I was about half a mile away from the actual hospital. Nice pictures - I really like the last one.

  3. That looks like a lovely place to spend the afternoon. I love that last pic. I can't believe you got kicked out of a cemetery. I love walking around graveyards. Can't see what harm it does.

  4. Nice set Deno. I got kicked out of a church before, although i had the ok from the Priest there was a really disgruntled alter boy who didnt appreciate having his photo taken. gutted....

  5. In Finland they allow taking pictures in churches, but without flash (only idiots use flash anyway). Cemeteries are an public place here. If you want to be buried , so deal with it.