Mar 15, 2012

Mom's House (HDR) -new lens test

I was testing out my new Tokina 11-16mm wide angle lens at my mom's house. I think it's defective; it has a very hard time auto focusing, and when it's in Live View mode it is almost impossible to get it to focus. Hopefully I'll be able to return it. I would rather have the Canon anyway. I hate the "One-Touch Focus Clutch Mechanism". The focus ring is also how you switch from auto focus to manual focus. With HDR shots, many times I will lock focus on something, then turn the camera to the angle I want, and switch to manual focus. With this system, when you switch to manual focus, it's almost impossible not to change the focal point because you have to actually slide the focus ring backwards. If you turn the ring at all while doing so the subject is not in focus anymore. I could get around this by keeping the shutter release halfway down, then adjusting the camera angle and taking the photos, but I always use the 2 second timer or the remote to eliminate any camera shake so that won't work. The only thing I like about it is the 2.8 aperture which would come in handy in other situations. The Canon I want is 3.5-4.5... and $100 more.


  1. The thing you'll learn about most Tokina and Sigma lenses is that they have a high defective rate. While they are cheaper - and thus tempting - the risk in getting a defective copy and having to go through the return process is just too high. Most people buy Canon over Nikon for their lenses anyway, so I would always stick with Canon lenses.

    1. Hopefully I'll be able to exchange it for a Canon. I ordered it from B&H Photo so I don't think it will be a problem. I have noticed that they don't write FRAGILE on the boxes though. I don't know how much that would help, but I'm sure they get tossed around quite a bit during shipping.

  2. My advice - choose Nikon! ;) (btw - cosy house)

  3. Deno, I want this house! I used to buy Sigma and I do have one Tamron (18-270) that I use quite a bit but, as time has gone on and I've learned more about my camera, I tend to stick with THE brand (Nikon). My fave right now is my 85mm Nikkor the point that I've forgotten about my other primes. You will do well with B&H. I use them and no one else and I've even sold old equipment back to them. It's hassle free. I could spend hours (and I have) in their store! Good luck!