Mar 25, 2012

My First Lightning

It took my a few hundred shots during a couple different storms, but I finally caught my first lightning strikes. There's also a little time lapse video I made of all the shots I took from a previous night of a bad storm moving in. It's a total of 116 photos. If you look close you can see some small lightning in a couple places. I did have to move a couple times during because of rain.


  1. Hallo Deno,
    beeindruckende Bilder ..ein Naturschauspiel in seiner schönsten Form.. da braucht man geduld und ein portion Glück.. ich habe auch schon manche Nacht auf dem Balkon verbracht um Blitze zu fotografieren.. schaust Du hier..

    Viele Grüsse aus Deutschland sendet

    Hallo Deno,
    great shots .. a spectacle of nature at its finest .. because it requires patience and a little at happiness .. I've also spent many a night on the balcony to take pictures of lightning .. You look here ..

    Many greetings from Germany sends

  2. Les photos sont impressionnantes et magnifiques!
    Bravo pour ces clichées

  3. Great photos!
    I've never tried to photograph lightning.

  4. Cool post! I have never tried to get lightning either. I think I am too impatient. Applause for your efforts!!

  5. Number 3 shot above...way to close for comfort!!! Very cool!

  6. Wow ... these are amazing, Deno!