Mar 10, 2012

Red Shouldered Hawk (I think)

I saw this guy on a power line just as I was pulling into my driveway. I started to stop and try and get a shot of it, but I figured he'd just fly away. I got all the way into my drive and looked back and he was still there, so I figured I'd give it a try. I walked near and took a few shots, but realized I didn't have it set to the right metering mode so it came out very dark. I switched to the right one and it was still pretty dark, so as I was walking closer I upped the exposure value to +1 and got right up under him and was able to get one shot before he flew away. I guess I need more practice on wildlife because I clearly wasn't ready, and had to think too much about my settings. I also could use a good telephoto lens. I guess that's why I like landscapes and buildings. They don't fly away before you get a good shot. 


  1. Great shot of this beautiful creature.
    Look at those claws!
    We found one of these on our walks recently, but it was dead beside the trail. I took a photo anyway, and those claws are so big!
    I think it was also the same kind.

  2. That sounds so familiar, but I would be ecstatic if an animal stayed put long enough for me to get a shot that good! Been there many times, but with no success. It is a great shot!

  3. Although my blog is all about birds(backyard variety), I have yet to find one of these beauties! I know exactly what you mean by "thinking too much" and losing a great shot from having it set on the wrong metering mode, I end up with a lot of 'Butt' shots because of this! ;)

    Great shot!

    1. Oh I got a "butt" shot also. lol

  4. What a brilliant shot! Great details and so sharp.

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  6. Hallo Deno,
    da ist Dir doch ein sehr schönes Foto von dem Falken gelungen.
    Auch mir geht es manchmal so und ich bekomme nicht die richtige Einstellung an der Camera hin.. aber da darfst Du nicht aufgeben..;-))
    Grüsse Frank

    Hi Deno,
    because you is but a very nice photo of the hawk succeeded.
    Also, I'm doing and sometimes I do not get the right attitude towards the camera .. But since you must not give up ..;-))
    regards Frank