Mar 8, 2012

This May Help You

Just a quick post of something that you guys might find useful if you didn't know about it. If any of you read the post below then you know I spent $220 on a monitor calibrator (and it was one of the cheaper ones). When I first hooked it up to start calibrating it said that I had to let my monitor warm up for 30 minutes. So, with 30 minutes to kill I start to just look at my current display settings. That's when I saw that Windows 7 actually has a built-in monitor calibration tool. I went ahead and tried it out and it made a pretty big difference. It actually wasn't much different from the final calibration of the tool I bought. So if you want to get your prints a little closer to what's on your monitor for free here's how to get there. (and I don't know if other versions of Windows or the Mac has it).

Control Panel > Display   and the 'Calibrate color' settings is at the top left. It says color, but it will also help you adjust brightness, contrast, and gamma.

Update: According to Christine and Matthew Macs have this option also. Thanks guys. I wouldn't know. The only Mac I've ever had is a Big Mac.


  1. I just tried this and my settings were pretty accurate in the before and after. Thanks for the tip!

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  3. Macs do allow for calibration as well.