Apr 23, 2012

Before and After Monday

The After

The Befores

This was an HDR shot that I wasn't really ready for. I was set up in the middle of the road when I heard the truck coming. I moved to the side, and at the last second I decided to try and get a shot. It was set up for a bracketed shot so I went ahead and made an HDR image out of it. It was a little tricky since the truck was in 3 completely different places for each shot. Also, the foreground from the +2 is the one I wanted to use, but the truck was covering up the left side. I did some cropping, and straightening, and applied a blue/green filter. I also had to do quite a bit of work on the truck since the one I decided to use for it was so dark. I think it would have been a much cooler shot if I had stayed in the middle of the road, but I didn't want to die without erasing the history on my computer first.

Update: I guess I should have went into a little more detail on lightening the truck. After I had the HDR image, I went back and opened the original RAW image of the truck that I wanted to use. I decided to use the RAW since it can be brightened up with better results than a jpeg. I then brought that in as a layer under the HDR, and masked in the parts I wanted to highlight.


  1. Great post.. love the after, you did a wonderful job. Beautiful colors.
    And I'm glad you didn't get smushed. Best you got out of the way, especially of a log truck...

  2. Great shot...with a little adventure added. Can't stop laughing over your final comment...defintely something to think about.

  3. Very cool. I love seeing the before and after!

  4. Thanks for sharing this and other tips & tricks.
    I'll be following you :-)