May 14, 2012

Before and After Monday

For those curious as to the advantages of HDR, this is a good example. There would be no way using conventional photography to get a shot like this. Either the boat would be properly exposed and the sky would be blown out, or the sky would look good and the boat would just be a silhouette.

The After

The Befores

I didn't really have to do much processing to these after creating the HDR in Photomatix. I just had to bring in the middle, (0) exposure image and mask in some of the clouds. The HDR process can sometimes make them too dark in spots. I see some things that I would do different now, but I guess I could say that about all of my older photos.


  1. Great result !
    I would try myself...


  2. Great final image.
    Love your before and afters!

  3. Hey, good work, this photo looks amazing!

  4. Your after shot is amazing, as always!

  5. Arrr a clever concept on the traditional HDR. nice composition and everything look in tune with the environment.

  6. Wonderful result.
    I love what using HDR processing can create.
    Excellent job!

  7. Excellent! I took a similar shot off the New Jerey shore last year and, no matter what setting I used, I could not get eveything in the scene exposed properly. HDR is the answer!