May 16, 2012

Brookwood (HDR)

I was driving by Brookwood Golf Course the other morning and saw a pretty nice view. I couldn't find anywhere to pull over so I just got a shot from my car.

Here's the same photo after a little editing in Photoshop to remove the mirror, and power pole. I had to crop and distort it some to take out most of the mirror. The rest, I just used the Healing Brush, and added some grass. It made a big difference, but grass and sky are usually pretty easy to edit. I think it took about 5 minutes to get rid of everything.

I posted this on my Facebook, and a couple were arguing whether or not this was a photo, or painting. I don't know what that says about my photography, but I thought it turned out ok considering it was taken from my car, and my mind was on the chicken biscuit I was about to go get.


  1. I'd consider it a compliment.. it's a beautiful capture!

  2. Great job on that edit. It would make a great painting - or a print on canvas.

  3. Wahooo....
    Marvelous !....
    Best regards,


  4. I think for people that don't really know what HDR is may think this is a painting. Too funny! I actually love the first shot with the mirror. To me, it's more interesting. The sky almost looks as if a storm may be rolling in. Very cool and beautiful!

  5. That is one fabulous edit job! You ended up with great lines and great light.