May 1, 2012

I've been sitting here trying to think of a title for 10 minutes, so this is my title. (HDR)

Sometimes I think it must not be a good photo if it's hard to think of a title. Here it is anyway. What caught my eye as I was driving by this job site was the reflection of the sunset on the bars at the top of the crane. That may be hard to see on here, but this thing was bigger in real life.


  1. Beautiful and dramatic. The reflecting sunset shows nicely.. Wonderful capture!

  2. Very creative title ;o) Love this pic!

  3. Aside from the fabulous colors, I've noticed that your focusing is spot blur, no shake in the camera/phone. And I don't believe you're using a tripod...or are you? I'm jealous, I so wish I were that steady! AND BTW, excellent title! :)

    1. Actually, I do use a tripod most of the time, except on very sunny days when I know I won't be trying to make an HDR image.