Jun 13, 2012

Lunch Special (Cell Phone HDR)

I snapped a few shots with my phone while waiting for my lunch the other day.


  1. I like the mood in the first picture.

  2. When I can get shots with my camera as good as you do with your phone, I will be very proud of myself!! ;)

    1. Thanks. With the phone it seems to be all about the lighting. Most come out terrible even when I think it's the perfect setting. I still haven't figured it out so I just take a ton of pictures, and hope for the best. I was in a beautiful hotel lobby the other day, and took a bunch thinking they would be really good... they weren't.

  3. It's just a sub shot but somehow it's amazing! You go boy!

  4. Salve Deno, queste foto sono favolose!!!!E' da poco che ho scoperto l'hobby della fotografia e girando nel web, osservando i click di artisti bravi come te ho molto da imparare. Grazie e sono diventata tua follower....se vuoi contraccambiare sei il benvenuto
    A presto!

  5. Nicely done! You do pretty good work with those buttons... ;-)

  6. Ditch the camera and stick with your phone..... lol

    I like the mono / chrome looking shot.