Jul 9, 2012

Before and After Monday

The After

The Befores

This HDR is made from a 15, 4, and a 30 sec exposure. After looking back at the originals, I'm surprised I got as much detail as I did in the final. I wasn't too worried about the darker areas anyway, and wanted to keep my ISO at 100 to reduce the noise. About the only thing I did in Photoshop was to remove the piece of metal laying in the road.


  1. Awesome shot! Looks like a scene from a movie...someone is going to come out of the shadows and jump on the next train coming through...he'll be a murderer. Oooooo, the Fugitive! Very cool!

  2. I think you should have left that metal in the road... Nice HDR, überHDR, but those are nice, I do that too sometimes.