Jul 23, 2012

Before and After Monday

The After

The Before

This started out as a nighttime HDR that didn't work out like I planned. It wasn't very interesting and came out so noisy that I started to just trash the whole thing, but then I decided to try something else. I wanted to go for an old "ghost town" look. I actually increased the noise, desaturated it about 95%, and lightened it. I also added a sepia filter to give it more of an aged look. It was still a little boring so I rotated, and cropped it.


  1. Actually - for my opinion the creepy ghost look is more in the original :) And the "after" reminds me a lot of a western movie :)

  2. Interesting photos! Love the processing!

  3. I like them both but prefer the original although the AFTER looks like something out of an old newspaper. I believe Wyatt Earp and Matt Dillon had offices in one of those buildings.