Aug 7, 2012

The Fog

I think I have posted these before, but I did redo them after I calibrated my monitor. So for those who haven't seen them...

I also want to apologize to everyone whose blog I haven't check out lately. Work has been crazy lately, and I haven't had much time for anything else. Hopefully I will have more time soon.


  1. Aah, first & last - just awesome!

  2. Love the third one...........I get the same effect as you have in the first one.....defringe doesn't work.....I am going to try a grey layer over the offending area. A play with blend modes and opacity may sort it.

  3. Great foggy captures! I love fog.
    I sure do understand..
    I often only get time to view blogs and not comment.
    I never miss yours!

  4. Great photography! Love them all! Looks like you have figured out all those buttons!

  5. These are so dramatic! They tell BIG stories! The second to last shot actually makes me feel a little scared. Love 'em all!

  6. I *love* fog photos! So mysterious and beautiful!

  7. Those are great. We never get fog in the summer - only in winter.

  8. Hello deno ..
    fantastic images, but beautiful and mystical / creepy ..
    The first picture is my absolute favorite
    regards Frank