Nov 5, 2012

Before and After Monday

The Before
The After
This is an HDR created from 12 different exposures. I had to go pretty dark on the sky to keep from getting the blown-out whites. Looking back I might have added a little more contrast to the concrete. Actually, I'm going to try it now...
Ok, here's what I got.
The After After
To get the added contrast was pretty easy. Just duplicate the layer, desaturate, change Blending Mode to Multiply, then go to Brightness/Contrast and move the brightness slider all the way to the right. I could have also tried my Topaz plug-in. Well, I might as well...
Here's one using Topaz Adjust's: Photo Pop action. I masked out what it did to the sky because it doesn't work well on clouds.
The After After After

You can see how HDR and a few Photoshop tricks can add some interesting detail to an otherwise boring photo, and I promise no more Afters.


  1. So cool. I like the after after after:)

  2. Hmmmm, at first I thought I like the AFTER but then the AFTER AFTER AFTER won me over. Amazing!