Mar 30, 2013

Great video

One of the best videos on lighting, and off-camera flash I have seen.


  1. I thank you for this. I use flash a lot but never on camera. I don't like his images particularly but they are streets ahead of mine.

    1. He does have a unique style not everyone will like, but there is a ton of great information for anyone using flash.

    2. I'll look at it all the way through...He started to get on my nerves.

      I use flash at about half to quarter power and often bounce it. Strobist the web site is good for ideas.

      This chap is pretty smart...Harry Sewell

    3. Thanks Adrian. I'll check that guy out. I have heard a lot of people talk about Strobist.

  2. I have a flash that I've used only once with success. Lately I've been thinking about revisiting the owners manual to really learn how to use the thing...must have something to do with this dark weather we're having. Thanks for posting this to find my manual!