Aug 15, 2013

Free HDR course!

I hate to sound like an advertisement, but I'm sure you'll be glad you downloaded this free course. I have watched his digital blending course and it is amazing. I've been using digital blending ever since, not only on HDRs, but other images as well. I can't wait to see these.

Free HDR and digital blending course by Jimmy McIntyre!

"HDR enthusiasts! I'm pleased to announce that the free 1.7gb Digital Blending & HDR megapack is now here, packed with awesome HDR goodness, all for you to download! Find out more here..."


  1. Sadly, you must be on Facebook to enjoy this.
    Stay inspired!

    1. Yeah. You might could contact Jimmy and see if there's another way to get it. He's very easy to get in touch with.

  2. I echo the above comment. Nothing is free if it means joining Facebook. Thanks for the link anyway.