Aug 5, 2013

Grandfather Mountain

I took a trip to Grandfather Mountain this weekend. I walked across the mile high swinging bridge. Unfortunately, I didn't get any shots from it. I'm terrified of heights, so once I got on it I just kept my eyes fixed on the other side and never stopped walking. The wind started blowing once, and I thought I was going to have to crawl across. Anyway, here's a few I did manage to get from solid ground.


  1. We've been to Grandfather Mountain several times. We vacation in Blowing Rock. These are gorgeous photos! I love that place and the Blue Ridge Parkway. I think the only reason the bridge doesn't bother me is because there's ground not far below. If there was actually a mile of open space, that would be entirely different!

    1. If it's more than 20 feet then it feels like a mile to me! I haven't been to Blowing Rock in years. I need to make a trip soon.

  2. Love every shot here...especially that 2nd one of the waterfall!