May 3, 2012

Old Greensboro Church (HDR)

This is an old church built in the late 1800s, now in the middle of downtown Greensboro. Below my photos are a couple I found online taken long before it was surrounded by other buildings. One looks like an old photo made to look like a painting. The other is an old post card from 1906. I don't know who took these, or I would give them credit, but I'm sure they've been dead quite a while so hopefully they don't mind too much.

I wish I had known I was going to post some older photos of it. I would have tried to get some of the other buildings in to show how much it has changed in the past 100 years. It was late on a Sunday night when I took these, and I was still trying to dodge a bunch of traffic. I doubt the other photographers had that problem a century ago. They might have had to dodge a horse or two during rush hour.

Trivia Question: Which one of the old photos is the oldest?

Hint: It's the black and white one. (Ha. I know that's the answer and not a hint, but the real trivia question is: Why?) There are a couple clues that might lead you to think otherwise, but I can prove why the black and white one is older. The post card is dated 1906, but I don't know the actual dates either picture was taken. All the proof is in the photos themselves. Let me know what you think and why. The first person to find the clue will get a prize. What is this great prize? It's a fortune cookie I just got from Panda Express. Note: I have already opened it up and read the fortune. Apparently I "will always be surrounded by true friends". That's a little awkward since I'm about to take a shower.


  1. Great architecture and great effect...


  2. Very cool; I love that first shot!

  3. Fabulous old building. Love what you did with it!

  4. Great shots! I really like the first with the stars in the sky :)

  5. Oh wow! Great images, especially love the first one.

  6. Love that first shot, the sky is so clear and the stars are fabulous!