May 2, 2012

Psychic? Anyone?...

I installed a desktop to-do list on my computer today. I had to restart my computer about an hour ago. I just thought of something really important that I need to put on the list, but I noticed the to-do list didn't start when I restarted my computer, so I clicked the icon to start it. In the 3 seconds that it took to start up I forgot what I was going to write down. If any of you are psychic please let me know what it was. Thanks. I also made a reminder to remember this in case no psychics read this. I figured they don't, because if they do they would have known I was going to post this, and would have let me know already.


  1. buy garbage bags? lol

    Stay inspired!

    1. No, but I do need some so I'll put that down. :)