Jun 18, 2012

Before and After Monday

The After

The Befores

This is one of the display trucks sitting outside the Mack Truck Headquarters. I pass by it all the time, and finally decided to stop one Sunday afternoon when no one was there.

I created the HDR as usual in Photomatix. I then brought it into Photoshop. I've found that with chrome the HDR process makes it look a little dull. I have been masking in the chrome from the +2 original, except on this one; it wasn't too bad so I only did about a 50% mask. I also do the same with the tires since they come out looking kinda brownish.

There are a few other things I do for the paint. You can't tell as much on this color, but on darker colors it really makes it look like a show car paint job. It's my little secret that I found out accidentally, but I'll share for the right price (like some sour gummy worms. I love sour gummy worms)

When I got done, I liked the truck, but not the background so I decided to hide it. I used the Pen tool to cut out the truck, and copy to a new layer. I then created a new layer in between and filled with black. Then I added a layer mask, and used a gradient to reveal the lower part of the concrete. I had to darken some of the back of the truck so it would blend in with the new dark background. I also had to do the same on the window that shows through to the other side. I also removed the sticker from the front glass.

I think Mack should use it in their advertising, and pay me millions of dollars, but apparently they don't feel the same.


  1. Very nice! Good post-production!


  2. Wonderful work and outcome.
    Mack should use it.. and pay you millions!

    1. Thank you. We should start a petition and send it to Mack. Counting you and me, that's 2 total. That should be plenty.

  3. This is fabulous....you certainly know your stuff! Have you ever contacted a company with your photos? You might be surprised....or you might get some free gummy worms! Either way, it's a win/win!