Jun 19, 2012

Shower Time at the Shrub Nursery

This isn't a great photo at a small size, but blown up you can see all the water falling, and the little splashes they make on the ground. There's even a giant bug on one of the plants... no wait... that was just a fly on my monitor.


  1. Ho ingrandito la foto....sublime! sei riuscito a coglierne l'essenza. Buona giornata!
    Felice di aver scoperto il tuo bellissimo ed interessantissimo blog, ciao Simo

  2. WOw that is a beautiful shot! Love the soft golden colors and detail! :)

  3. You're right - 'small' does not do this justice. Love how you can see the streams of water. Very cool!

  4. Like the light and the tone of the picture. You have the right image to be enlarged in order to really come into its own / Brita