Jun 5, 2012

A Black and White Tree (HDR)


  1. Hmmmm, my tree photos NEVER look as good as yours! One thing that bothers me about this shot (and I've looked at it several times in posted and full size)...I can't wrap my head around the perspective of the swing and chair. Either that chair is very small or it's a ways away from the swing. I will keep studying it...it's probably just my eyes...LOL

    1. Ha, it's actually a very small chair. Like a toddler's chair, or something a child would put a doll on. I started to move it, but that's how I found it so I left it like it was.

  2. Another thought...it could be my monitor. My office monitor has nothing on my home monitor. AND, if you stare at that swing long enough, it looks like it's slightly moving in the breeze. Yea, I know, I'm nuts BUT I do love the photo! LOL

  3. loved the composition of this one :)