Jun 6, 2012

Corporate Sponsor or Millionaire Wanted

Dear beloved readers, please pass this along. It is an image, so feel free to copy it and save it, and send it to every world leader, Fortune 500 CEO, and oil tycoon that you know. I would really appreciate it.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for: a picture of a big truck. I even sent this photo to Mack Trucks headquarters, and said they could feel free to use it any way they wanted. I never heard back. I won't be buying a Mack Truck any time soon. Gas mileage sucks anyway.


  1. If your offer work-out, please take me with you, I won't be expensive at all :D

  2. When (positive thinking!) you find a sponsor I know you'll do them proud!
    ..I tried something similar some 30 years ago, so I really like your style.

  3. You cannot make a house without bricks. good on you for trying bud, just dont give up..... Keep on trucking

    Valleys ShutterBug

  4. Darn! I wish I had the bucks to sponsor you...of course, I would go along! LOL
    So hope you succeed...that would make one fantastic blog and book!!!