Oct 16, 2013

The Tournament

My first time being able to photograph some golfers in action.


  1. Everyone of these shots is great! My SO is an avid golfer and I've given it my best shot...love the game but it doesn't love me...LOL You've managed to capture an array of emotions here along with the typical 'golf poses.' Love it!!!

  2. An afterthought...curious to know what lens you used and how close you were to the golfers. The DOF really targets the subject in each shot and 'tells a story.' Golfers (or participants of any sport, for that matter) can be quite particular who is on the playing field while they are pursuing their 'dream game.'

    1. Thanks Helene! I used the 70-200mm mostly and the 24-105mm on a few. I wasn't very close, but when I got on the green I always asked first to make sure I wasn't going to be a distraction. It was for a charity event so everyone was pretty laid back anyway.

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