Nov 3, 2013

Been too long

I haven't posted anything in a while. I had 26 photo sessions in October so it's been pretty busy. Now I just have to find time to finish editing them all. Anyway, here's one from a recent session. It made it all the way to page 6 on the Popular section of 500px. If you follow that site then you know that's not too easy. If you don't, you should check it out. There are some amazing photographs on there. So here's the link to that photo. If you like it, then click the little thumbs up. :)  You don't even have to sign up to like photos or comment.


  1. Excellent picture of this little guy!

  2. I think you deserve even more than page 6, great photo! :)

  3. Love this photo...the dof, b&w, and expression you caught...priceless. I can relate to not posting...recovering from foot surgery so can't get around, mom in nursing home, and boyfriend had a heart attack and now in rehab. To keep me connected, I'm reading a book about the lensbaby and loving it. Again, fabulous photo!